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Ashley Marbach

In trying to design a nursery for my daughter, I really didn't know where to start. I knew what I liked and disliked, but I was having trouble coming up with an overall vision and design for the space. Elizabeth listened to my thoughts, likes, and dislikes and put them together in a design plan that I couldn't have created myself. She selected furniture pieces, textiles, and decor that reflected my style and pulled the whole room together. I'm also very indecisive and can easily spend hours browsing for new furniture without making any decisions, so Elizabeth took all of that frustration out of the process and did the hard work for me. It was wonderful!

Elizabeth is very creative and has an eye for aesthetics. She did a great job selecting items for the room and arranging them in a practical way - everything from the big furniture to the small details. She also really considered my budget and found ways to ensure that the design plan stayed within my financial means. I also appreciated her communication along the way. As the design was developing, she sought my feedback several times to ensure that I loved the end result.

Elizabeth worked with me remotely to create the design plan for my nursery. Although she couldn't physically be in the space, she made it work by requesting specific photos and measurements, asking very specific questions, and even offering to Skype / FaceTime to understand the space. She presented her ideas and the final design plan to me remotely as well, which was very effective. I would highly recommend her remote design services if you don't live in the Nashville area!

Josh Hilliker

When my wife and I built our dream home, we became overwhelmed at the thought of taking away from our home's natural beauty with the "wrong" design plan or lack-thereof. Elizabeth blew us away with her ability to harness our individuality while maximizing our home's potential. She truly has a gift and brings tremendous value to her clients with the various packages she offers. We feel like we live inside a magazine cover every day when we wake up! 

Lindsay Jackson

When we moved into our new house I was really struggling, not only with the layout, but with colors, and incorporating our current furniture and textiles. Elizabeth was wonderful at gauging my style and tastes after just one video chat and was able to immediately provide several great suggestions to help inspire me. Within just a couple weeks Elizabeth had created a comprehensive, and beautiful design addressing all my concerns including paint colors, drapes, furniture pieces and layout. She even contacted a local company to help me create a beautiful custom media center. After working with Elizabeth I've been able to finally pull my new house together and turn it into the perfect space for our family.

Kate Plourde

Never having worked with a designer before, I was hesitant to try one. I was concerned about managing my budget and that the end result might not feel like home. But Elizabeth Stanton quickly put me at ease with her flexible, common-sense approach. She helped turn my initial ideas into a full blown plan and came up with great ideas that helped me see my space in a new way. And best of all, it really feels like home!

Laura Fox

Elizabeth is so amazing and creative, she can take the most simple of objects and turn it into something attractive and amazing. She also did a great job at sticking to our meager budget, and sourced a lot of items off of craig's list. It was such a pleasure to work with Elizabeth on our remodel and it really made our living area feel special.

Meghan Skemp

Elizabeth really transformed our loft area of Nashville home from a dull, blank "storage area" into a homey, comfortable, posh living area to relax and watch tv and/or read novels! We hired Elizabeth for her keen sense of style and ability to pull the space together in such a short time! During the process Elizabeth was great at keeping us engaged of budget, timing and showing us options for the design. Working with Elizabeth was a truly great experience -- she goes beyond the call of duty to exceed client expectations.

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